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Sunday, March 20, 2011

UFC 128 Results: Does Anyone Match Up Well with Jon Jones?

UFC 128 Results: Does Anyone Match Up Well with Jon Jones?Kocim news - If the results from UFC 128 told us anything, it is that Jon “Bones” Jones is the real deal.

Using his tremendous strength, impossible reach advantage, and inventive technique, Jones made one of the greatest fighters of all time—in any weight class—look like a person who is just learning the sport.

Like no other fighter before him, Jones has cut through the light heavyweight division like a hot knife through butter, having never really even been in any trouble at any point during his 14 professional mixed martial arts fights.

Though he does have the one “loss” on his record against Matt Hamill, it has been well documented that Jones was completely crushing “The Hammer” in that fight before he was disqualified for the use of illegal elbows. It might have gone on the record book as a loss, but much like Fedor Emelianenko’s first loss, truly knowledgeable fans and experts pretty much disregard what the record book said that night.

Jon Jones is a freak among men. He’s an animal that is so incredibly unique and spectacular that he may very well be the person who carries mixed martial arts during this decade as many of the previous decade’s best fighters are nearing the end of their careers.

But as we marvel at what Jones has been able to do at just the age of 23, we should also take a look at some of the competition he still has in the light heavyweight division.

Is there anyone out there who can stand up to the new champion?

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